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A little thrill, a little love, a little lesson

I am going to let you in on a widely known secret: 90% of the time my brain is occupied with romance. How to recognize it (a skill I woefully lack). How to get it (again, not my strong suit). How to define it (yeah, not great there either). How, how, how. I am, without a doubt, a romance addict. A fifteen year-old giggling girl in a thirty-six year-old woman’s body. The thing is, I wasn’t boy crazy at fifteen – that didn’t kick in till I was nearly thirty.

As a romance addict, my latest drug of choice is the Modern Love blog from the New York Times. The other day I read Albert Stern’s essay on his son’s first crush and the girl who stole his heart. A ten minute episode in the life of a two year-old that spoke to the past, the present, and the future of romantic encounters.

Romance is a constant, like prime numbers or Pi. There is a high, then a low that results in either success or failure. Or, as Stern put it: “First you have a little thrill, then a little fun, then a little disappointment, and then come the brain-eating zombies.” How true, how very true.

The muddy paths and March winds tend to bring romance to my door. My most romantic moments have happened in the month of March. This fact has led some of my family and friends to deem March my hottest month. Thus far, there haven’t been any takers in 2013, but we are only thirteen days in so there’s time.

Should romance knock, I’ll be sure to enjoy the ride while keeping an eye out for the brain-eating zombies.


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Muddy paths

The past few weeks as I have made my way in and out of the house or the office, I don’t know, something just felt  missing. I could’t quite put my finger on it, but there was that nagging, back of the brain, “I think I’ve forgotten a really important thing” sort of feeling. All the rain we have had/are having/will have, finally put a name to the missing bit: Mud Season.

Growing up in Connecticut, we were used to the standard four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Silly, naive me, I thought that was all there were. It wasn’t until moving to upstate New York at the age of twenty-five did I learn there is a fifthy, murky, dirty season lurking somewhere in between as well.

Mud season is like the black sheep of Mother Nature’s brood – you know the type, always getting drunk at Christmas and making passes at the preacher’s wife, walking into a fancy restaraunt with grease-stained jeans and a Toby Keith t-shirt. Mud Season is the Pig Pen relative no one wants to ever talk about.

The truth is that we’ve had an odd spring thus far. It’s like everything has been pushed back four weeks or so. April showers are here in mid-May, will May flowers come in mid-June? And Mud Season has come as well but not at it’s usual point between the snow-melt and the greening of the grass,  instead it has come now. Mother Nature (someone who has been on my naughty list recently) has decided to throw us yet another loop.

What does this postponed Mus Season mean? Well, the fields have been too wet to get much of the field work done thus planting has been delayed and chopping haylage will be pushed back as well. It means dirty floors, messy walks and filthy dogs. And, my favorite, the kind of mud that grabs onto you and won’t let go, sucking your shoes right off your feet with a deep “thawp” noise.

It also means, hopefully, that once all this rain stops and the sun starts to shine that life will begin to show, wardrobes will shed and Summer will finally be here. In upstate New York we get such a short window of nice weather (the first snow will undoubtedly be here by late-October) that having a delayed Summer makes us antsy and fidgetty and ever so slightly cranky.

Come on, Summer! Come on, Sunshine! Come on, allergy attacks and sunburns and frizzy hair…I’m seriously ready for you all.

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Signs of Life

The mud is here and (I’m surprised) quickly drying out, the flies are coming by the buzzing swarm too. And through all of this little hints of green are starting to emerge. It is so amazingly lovely out today that I have my windows open and I swear it’s the first time in probably four months that I haven’t had to wear my winter coat.

Soon I'll have tulips to decorate my apartment!


In about four weeks time my entire front lawn will be a carpet of poppies. Here's the first signs of life.

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A snowy situation

We’ve all realized just how happy I am that the weather has turned and spring is unquestionably here. This morning I witnessed the first buds, crocus, fighting their way through the muddy ground. In two or three days I’ll be able to see purple and white flowers with bright yellow stamen. I’ll pick them and stick them all over my apartment in teeny-tiny bud vases and just bask in their springiness.

Cut to the dairy farm. My parents were in some freak micro-climate two weeks ago. Where I live we had a day of snow totaling about 18 inches, it was gross and disgusting but the next day we had rain and now all the snow is gone. At the farm however they enjoyed three days of constant snow. By the time it was over they had about 3 1/2 feet. When I say freak micro-climate I mean it. You drive to the farm and everything is brown and muddy, you take the turn to their road and BAM! snow.

Today was lovely, it must have hit at least 50 degrees or so. When I drove up the road after an hour plus drive from work I was greeted by the remaining 12 inches of snow still hanging in there. Everywhere you can hear the constant trickle that means the melting process in working it’s magic. It better work fast. If I had to live here and look out the window to see 12 inches of snow knowing that in other parts of the world (down the street) people can see mud and buds that promise the bright kisses of spring…I think I’d look into moving (down the street).

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Spring may be in the air

But mud is on the ground.

Yes folks, it’s time for the fifth season known as Mud season. Didn’t know it existed? Neither did I until we moved up to the farm. I love mud season. Sure, every once in a while (yesterday) I lose a shoe to the suctiony ooze but with mud comes warmer weather and sunnier days. Today I even sat outside with a friend and had a cup of coffee; trust me that wouldn’t have happened two weeks ago…Bring on the mud!

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