I haven’t always been a farmer. I grew up 60 miles outside of NYC, went to private school, dreamed of being a humanitarian aid worker in war torn countries, and being truly fabulous. Farming was a dream the rest of my family wanted to pursue, not me.

In 2000, they bought a farm…and I quit my job to travel India. In 2002, they began farming full time…and I moved to London. In 2003, I moved to the farm and worked in the barn for a few months. I still didn’t embrace smelling like cow or getting up at 6 am every morning, but I understood more why my family wanted to live this life.

I was lucky enough to attend London School of Economics in 2004. My masters was in the issues populations face when the rural hinterland is threatened by rapidly urbanizing cities. It was a development degree, I wasn’t supposed to move back to New York. I was supposed to get a job in India or someplace like that and be the person I always thought I’d be…but that’s not where I was meant to be.

So here I am, The New Farmer, discovering every single day who I am, where I live, and what I’m meant to do.