A meal full of thanks

This holiday my family will sit down to a delicious meal and give thanks. We will thank the cow that was raised with love and care, the cow that when slaughtered, fed my family for the year. We will thank our friends, also farmers, who raised the potatoes, acorn squash, carrots, corn and beans that fill the table (and our freezer). And we will thank the land that grew the grains we harvested, fed the cows with and helped pay (some) of the bills. We will also thank the local farm businesses that add flavor to the meal – Battenkill Creamery’s amazing eggnog, Cowbella butter, Sweet Spring Farm chevre.

But these thanks are not limited to my family’s table. We are truly blessed to live in a caring, close, farming community in Upstate New York. Across the state and the country families, not familiar with their farming neighbors, will be giving thanks for all that the agricultural community does without even knowing it.

The holidays focus on thanks, grace and love. As you sit down at the table this season to enjoy friends, family and food please take a moment to thank the farmers who made your meal possible as well…

Whether you know their names or not. Whether you know the sound of their laugh, the way they swear and throw a wrench when the tractor breaks or the dirty jokes they love to tell…

You know the warmth of their hearts. Because despite their farming practice, they grow your food with grace, love and thankfulness.


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