I just want to nap…

Is that so wrong? I remember wonderfully deep, pleasant, blissful naps as a college student. In fact, if I’m honest, I think that I spent more time napping in college than attending class. (That would explain my first semester’s less-than-stellar grades.)

But now I’m an adult and can’t quite get myself to nap even when I have the time, the opportunity and the overwhelming groginess that should be nap enducing. Nope, no napping for me. Why? Do you get to an age when napping just isn’t feasible unless overcome by some illness like the flu? I only nap when I have the flu and even then it ends up being more of a laying on the couch for twenty minutes before getting annoyed by the fact that I’m not sleeping and getting up to do something more “useful” with my time.

As an adult there seem to be so many responsibilities. My college self whispers “bummer” in my ear.

  1. Work
  2. Dishes
  3. Bills
  4. Vacuuming
  5. Laundry
  6. Grocery Shopping
  7. All the other reasons adults have for being responsible adults.

Sometimes I don’t want to be responsible. I want to not have worries or cares or stress. But then, I had worries and stress and a ton more emotional turmoil when I was at my nap-taking peak.

So I guess there’s a trade-off. And I’m in better shape at 36 than I was at 21 (and better looking too), so there’s that…

But I still want a freaking nap!


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