Timing’s everything…

I’m dealing with a question. A question that is really annoying me. Or maybe the subject is annoying me. Or maybe it’s the man in question in regards to the question. Can you tell I’m a little confused?

My question is this: When is there a good time to have an argument?

I’m serious here – when? I am norotiously bad at confrontation. I’d rather be silent and stubborn, not speaking for months because I’ve been hurt or made angry and full of righteousness waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the other party to realize what they’ve done…without my telling them. I opt for the “wait it out” option rather than the “stand and shout.” But that’s not because I don’t want to have an argument.

I want to have an argument! I want to scream and shout and kick and get all the anger and hurt out!

But I must be doing something wrong, because the people I want to argue with refuse to engage. Or maybe my delivery is weak and wobbly. Maybe it’s because I start to feel funny or guilty or just plain silly so even though I have a lot of hurt I lack the conviction.

Last night I spent a really nice evening with someone I’ve taken the silent and stubborn route with. We should have argued – I have a lot to say – but instead we curled up on the couch and chatted happily whilst watching tv until I started to doze. As I put on my shoes I said to him “This was great, but we need to have an argument. Soon.”

Can you schedule an argument? I’m thinking probably not. Crap.


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