The music man

I wonder if my listening habits are different than other people’s? I wonder if my eclectic mix of music, a mix that weaves in and out of genres and up and down rhythmic patterns is out of the ordinary? I wonder this because in the past few weeks I’ve been sampling bits and pieces throughout my workday all to create the constant background soundtrack of my life that is Pandora.

Chris Thile helps me type. Seasick Steve helps me read. Robbie Williams helps me clean. Lou Reed helps me escape. All of those are last week’s favorite artists. I’ve also run the gambit from Common to Blake Shelton to Tom Jones in a matter of four hours. God, I love Tom Jones and I’m not afraid to admit it. Who can’t help but move to “Sexbomb” or “What’s new pussy cat?” Tom Jones becomes a problem though because I bop around in my chair and look like I’m having a bit of a fit.

Am I alone in wondering about people who only listen to one genre? Or people who rule out entire segments of the music industry? I mean, I don’t really like SlipKnot but I’ll dip my toe in the water every once in a while just because. I like country but I can’t listen to it 24/7 nor can I keep my Foo Fighters on an endless loop. The variety I am able to sample is like an endlessly delicious buffet for my soul.

Music just makes me happy; it gives me energy, it gives me peace. Music helps me get through my day and the tasks on hand. Music fuels my daydreams and desires, my goals and wishes.

Who are your favorite performers? Or, who are your favorites right?


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  1. MamaWags

    The CD changer in my car has everything from classic rock, blues, country, Zumba tunes, bagpipe music and Finnish Folk songs………it’s the only way to commute !!!

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