It just hit me…I’m getting old

Yup, it’s true. Now, I’ve written about the small, occasional realizations that my youth is slowly slipping away. There was this lovely monologue on the slowest escape ever. And other random thoughts about getting older. This morning though it really, really hit me when I couldn’t focus on the small print of a paper I’d printed up.


Am I going to turn into one of those people who make comments about “not everyone can read that small” or makes up excuses why the design is wrong and fail to admit that their eyes are just failing them?

I’m going to have to buy reading glasses. Reading glasses! Well, they better be stylish that’s all I’ve got to say about it.

This really sucks.


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One response to “It just hit me…I’m getting old

  1. I share your pain! I’ve just had to get my first pair of glasses (not reading glasses – just full-time ones) and am not even 30 yet. Rather sad! Feels really weird having frames on my face…

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