September better mean dating season starts

That’s all I’ve got to say. Actually, it’s not…

Romancing (or being romanced) by a farmer has a rhythm all its own. I’ve spoken about it in the past. There’s the Farmers’ Dating Calendar  and some other random thoughts on what’s in store  (at least from my perspective) when you date a farmer. These two posts alone make up most of my weekly readership and it amazes me. But I’ll admit that no matter how many times I read them, these posts are still true and act as reminders when I get a little pissy that my date has to be cancelled because of hay.

Well, guess what ladies? September is here and there is a break (I hope) in the non-stop marathon that is field work. Maybe, maaaybe, I can get a little lovin’. Fair is in seven days, fair weekend is in eleven (not like I’m counting). I seriously don’t care if I have to sit alongside a Jersey heifer in the cow barn as long as I get to spend some time with a particular cutie…on a date that has been made and cancelled repeatedly since June. (Sorry but several dinners with my folks is not a date.)

However, there is something to be said about this whole adventure. First, we have really had to take our time. No jumping into things here…No sir-ee. Slow and steady and surprisingly sweet. Second, every time he’s had to cancel I get something fresh and delicious out of the deal. Berries, cucumbers, next up are tomatoes and peppers. Last night my Mom and I were processing tomatoes and I realized that though this particular farmer is pretty darn good-looking, the thing I find really hot is that he can feed me all year long.

Yup. You want to get lucky? All this girl needs are some fresh veggies in the freezer and canned in the cupboard. Does that make me easy? Maybe, but well fed.


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