Something old, but still popular and – since it is planting and hay season – still appropriate…

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I spent my first weekend at the farmer boy’s apartment. He did very well and did the two things I had requested – clean the bathroom and put fresh sheets on the bed – but I knew that the place would look more like a rest-stop than a place to rest and recharge. Case in point, his boots…the man has six pairs of barn boots strewn across the apartment like a maze, he calls it his “security system.”

And so, as I leave to go home for the week, here are a few thoughts on what is in store when you date a farmer:

  1. Be prepared for unexpected compliments like “You remind me of a show cow I once had…”
  2. Always make a meal that tastes just as good reheated in the microwave as it did three hours before when it came out of the oven – when you were

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