A paid holiday

This week has been amazingly busy and (sigh) next week is looking to be more of the same.

Monday was a work day unlike any I have had in quite a while. I went to the Finger Lakes and visited (and sampled) local wineries. Every year The Regional Food Bank has a delicious fundraiser called the Chefs’ and Vintners’ Harvest Dinner. This six course meal features local chefs pairing their creations with New York State wines. To get a head start on the September event we decided to head up to the Finger Lakes and meet the folks who contribute a very important piece of the successful puzzle.

Yes, the trip was long and the scenery was brown, but the sun was out and the car was full of happy chatter and excitement. We met with Lamoreaux Landing, Atwater Vineyards, J.R. Dill Winery, Glenora Wine Cellars, and Miles. Highlights? Jeff Dill’s happy banter and the Seneca Lake glass tasting bar. He collects the glass from the bottom of a waterfall about 3 miles from the winery. and the view of the lake from Miles Wine Cellar.

A great big thank you to Lindsay Wickham from New York Farm Bureau for setting up our meetings. It was a truly great day and a wonderful opportunity to create new relationships.


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