Hazy days…

I’ve been in a bit of a writing-induced haze the past few weeks. It seems like I have writing projects, deadlines and desires piling up. There are the newsletters I’m writing for work, the articles I’m writing for Farm Bureau, the unfinished snippets of stories that barrel through (in and out) of my brain faster than I can get them onto paper. There is this blog (which I love) and my newest venture Give Gratitude, a non-profit marketing blog.

Give.Gratitude. is meant to be a jumping-off point for me. It’s something I’ve always wanted to get up and running but, until now, haven’t actually had the courage to do. Needless to say, when you start to actually pursue your dreams the pressure can be immense – and the creativity sort of dries up. I’m pushing through it though. I’m starting small. It took me three years to build The New Farmer up, slow but steady. I thank you for your interest, support and readership. And I promise, I’m not going anywhere.

But, if you need help on marketing projects, organizational newsletters and effective thank you’s – I’m your girl. If you need help engaging donors, volunteers and even staff – me again. And, if you are looking for a speaker at a conference, luncheon, Rotary Club meeting or anything else – you know where to reach me.

Dreams are scary and exciting, that’s probably why it takes us so long to go after them. Questions fill your mind with doubt and the underlying phrase “you’ll fail.” The thing is, I’m not afraid of failure in my day-to-day life and starting now, I’m not afraid to fail in my dreams either.


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