Something’s got to give

This past weekend, New York Farm Bureau’s (NYFB) Young Farmer & Ranchers won first place in American Farm Bureau Federation’s Harvest for All program, a partnership with Feeding America. New York farmers donated over 6 million pounds of fresh, delicious and nutritious produce and farm products to food banks across the state in 2011.

Since 2003, New York farmers have donated over 23 million pounds of food to New York food banks, making us a leader on the national level. These donations have a direct impact on the communities in which we all live. 23 million pounds translates to nearly 19.2 million meals for people in need over the last eight years.

Every state’s Farm Bureau is affiliated with Harvest for All and every farmer can make an impact on the lives of hungry in their state. Now is the perfect time to build a relationship with your local food bank and establish a partnership that will be rewarding to you both personally and professionally. Donations can take many forms. No matter the size or the means, your donations of produce greatly aid the food banks and the hungry they serve.

As farmers, our days are centered on providing healthy, nutritious and delicious food. The long hours, aching bones and worries over the weather are supported by the knowledge that all our hard work will end up on a family’s table. Food nourishes both the body and the soul and farmers understand that connection better than most.

Please consider donating to your local food bank and, if you are a farmer, participating in Harvest for All this year. If you want more information on your local food bank, please go to the Food Bank Association of New York State or click on the Feeding America link above.


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