The nose knows…

It started on Saturday morning. I was rushing out of the house on a snowy day to Saratoga for the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s (NOFA) Winter Conference. Bundled up like a six year old on a sledding expedition, I piled into my car. In that two second window between getting in and starting the car there was a sniff or maybe it was a whiff of something funny. Or weird. Or wrong. Whatever it was, as soon as the heater started to hum my mind (and my nose) moved on.

Sunday morning the same thing – except – my mind had enough time to start considering what it might be. A half-formed question popped into my head…What is that — ? before the grocery list I’d been ruminating on took precedence.

Monday morning came and with it recognition mixed with a whole lot of denial. There couldn’t be something dead in my car…could there?

And this morning bargaining crept in. Yes, there is definitely the smell of decay. Maybe, just maybe, I drove over something that stuck to the bottom of my car. Like the roadkill version of gum. So I went for a car wash hoping that this would do the trick but accepting it probably wouldn’t. No, I’ll be stuck with the ever-increasing whiff until, one day, it will disappear as suddenly as it arrived.

I live in the country, this has happened before and (unfortunately) will happen again. That’s how the nose knew even if the mind didn’t.


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