Pesky passion

Passion’s a funny thing. It pops up out of nowhere and, if you aren’t careful, can take over every aspect of your life. I’ll be honest, I’ve often looked at folks that are passionate about something with a bit of skepticism.

I used to date a guy that was passionate about Phish. He had tapes (it was the 1990’s) of rare shows, books, posters…collections of Phish and only Phish. I do not like Phish, I don’t like their music, I don’t get it and I never have. This did not stop him from trying to convert me because if he was passionate about Phish, why wouldn’t I?

But that’s the thing – passion is unique. One person experiences that consuming sense of purpose and belonging in a completely different way than someone else…even if they are passion about the same thing…or their passion is each other. Passion makes you feel connected but it also sets you apart. Passion is like joy or sorrow, it’s like tasting the perfect creme brulee – every heart, every soul, every taste bud is different and so two people both really enjoy the creme brulee, but their joy will be unique to them.

I’ve been thinking about passion a lot this week – professional passion that is. Come to find out, I have a lot of it. And here is where passion is funny: I’m passionate about something I would have never even guessed ten years ago. I’m passionate about farmers. Specifically, building relationships with farmers. Learning what their passions are and why they do what they do. I’ve tried to develop this passion into something useful over and over again (Common Ground, this blog) but life and money seem to make me lose focus.

This year I’m going to recommit to my passion in a way that connects it with my life and (hopefully) my money. Just how I’m going to accomplish that is still undetermined, but I’m working on it.


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