A quick one…

A new year brings new possibilities, new challenges and (sometimes most important) fresh starts. I am consumed with new beginnings. I just moved into a brand new apartment that fits the image I conjured up right around this time last year. Sure, I wanted my own house but this aparment is two floors and affordable without all the strings and constraints of home ownership.

I start a list every year filled with ten or so things I want/hope/dream will come true in the following weeks and months. Sometimes I realize my dreams and sometimes not so much. I’ve started my 2012 list but haven’t really had the time to think the whole thing through so far I have…

  1. Run 1,000 miles
  2. Lose 25 lbs. (always there)
  3. Get published, I mean really  published
  4. Work my way up to 12,000 views on this blog (which correlates to…)
  5. Post a minimum of three entries a week
  6. Make a lot of mistakes when it comes to men (not something you normally read, right?)

Anyway, the year is off and running. My second night in my happy home I opened a fortune cookie (every new apartment needs a celebratory Chinese take-away meal). The fortune was this: Love is friendship set to music. Isn’t that beautiful? I have it on my fridge right now.

Here is to a 2012 filled with friendship, music and maybe a little love too.


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