A challenge and an un-apology

Gratitude. It’s not a common word in our world. It can seem kind of big and daunting. It can seem kind of antiquated. Why? Why is it difficult to wrap our heads around this three-syllabul word?

I think it’s pretty well established that I am a ‘good girl.’ Yes, I’ve fought it, tried to avoid it and worked to get a bit more edge. But the truth is that I can’t deny being a good girl. Once a good girl, always a good girl…and is that so wrong? I’m kind. I’m sweet (most of the time). And I am one hell of a cook. These are things that I share with my friends, my family and with the rest of the world. And I recognize that for all of us, whether we realize it or not, gratitude is sometimes more valuable than gold.

Gratitude is on the upswing. I’ve been doing more and more research on it. There are whole psychological fields devoted to gratitude, fundraising how-to’s on how to show gratitude to donors. Being thankful, showing your appreication is (surprisingly) becoming more important to people in the business world. But because it still isn’t common practice, showing gratitude actually gives you an edge. Can you be sincerely grateful to someone when the mere act of gratitude is used as an economic advantage? I don’t know.

So my challenge is this: Show a little gratitude everyday. Call a friend and tell them that you appreciate them simply for who they are. Let the cleaning staff in your office know that they do an awsome job and that you are thankful for the work that they do. It doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of effort to spread a little joy, so why don’t we do it more often?



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4 responses to “A challenge and an un-apology

  1. That’s a great personal challenge – enjoy the feeling of making others smile (and yourself in the process)

  2. Most people do not know how to say thank you or even feel the quiet of a moment recognizing how things are working out and sending the Universe a note of appreciation for the guidance. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and people approach my table knowing there WILL be discussion of the points of gratitude in our lives.

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