Learning a language…the language of learning

My niece and nephew are at the farm this weekend. They come up for a visit every summer with my sister. I love when they are up here, little chipmunk voices fill the air. I find that I use words not in their vocabulary, so we end up having little lessons throughout the day.

Conundrum – not knowing what decision to make. Perplexed – seriously confused. Tumultuous – rocky, having things constantly change. And on and on. This has made me make the jump to my life and the new, confusing world that has opened up the past few weeks.

I’ve never had a problem with paving my own path. The good, the bad, the depressing and the unexpectedly amazing – I’ve dealt with them all because I’ve had to forge ahead in this world on my own (as we all do). A problem can be completely overwhelming, but experience has shown me that there is always an answer.

Call me optimistic, thick-headed or pragmatic, but I believe that for every negative there is a positive resolution – a cosmic counterbalance – that can be found if one concentrates on the subject long enough (or takes a long enough run).

Similar to a child, answers come like language – little by little. A new vocabulary is built around a problem and the solution there-of. Independence, assistance, forgiveness, resolve, surrender, passion, perseverance, acceptance…each word brings us to the right answer.


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