Life in the fast lane

I’ve been on the go. Perpetual motion machine, that’s me. You see I have switched jobs (again) and am now at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. Those who know me and have seen me since my May 31st start say that I look like I’m in love – and I kinda am…I get paid to talk, to write and to think creatively – basically, I’m a professional schmoozer and that makes me extremely happy.

Sure, there is one notable instance where I’ve had to eat some crow, but I dealt with it…Have you ever completely, totally, soundly, definitively and dramatically closed the door on a boy sure in the belief that you will never have to cross paths only to find out that you do? Professionally? Well, I have personal knowledge.

What happens then? You can’t be or say what you want. You can’t run and hide. You can’t stomp on his toes and walk away. No, even though you want to kick him in the kneecap (or perhaps a bit higher), you instead smile and laugh and before you know it the two of you have slipped back into your old routine. Damn it! Stupid boy with his stupid voice…and stupid me for smiling right along like nothing ever happened. Smiling at the chit-chat, the compliments, the telling my boss what a wonderful asset I am, the private whispered conversations and comments like the good old days.

I’m telling you this: As soon as this project is over I’m slamming that door shut once again with a great big thud – until the next project comes along, which it will I can see it now bobbing along the horizon…CRAP, I’m screwed.



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4 responses to “Life in the fast lane

  1. Dena

    I’m confused..

    but I’ve missed you!

  2. Joelle

    No not again!!! Damn that boy!!!

  3. Joelle

    So glad to hear that 🙂

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