Goodbye to the good girl

I am, and always have been, a very good girl. It may be the years and years of Catholic school – Sister Mary Elizabeth, Sister Ann Marie, Brother David and all the others. Thirteen years of Our Fathers, Hail Mary’s and Acts of Contrition; all those things sort of get ingrained into the daily activities and perspective of a girl…but I think that it may be something more. Quite simply I think it has to do with being a girl.

Growing up, what did you hear over and over again? “Be a good girl.” But what does that mean? It means being kind, compassionate, understanding, giving, polite. I realized recently a flip side to it all though, that being a good girl also entails being compliant, accommodating, quiet, silent and a peace keeper.

And where has it gotten me? I am a lovely, funny, amazing woman – and I am freaking pissed all the time. 34 years of being a good girl has built a rage inside of me that I am having a difficult time keeping it tamped down. So watch out because I have decided to stop fighting the anger and just let it all out.

That’s right, from now on I”m gonna say it as I see it or I’m going to tell you how I’d like to see it. If you’re an idiot, an ass, a selfish jerk – you’ll know it. If I want something, I’m going to tell you and if you won’t listen to me, I may not be above throwing a temper tantrum.

Now, dropping the bad habits of a good girl may be more difficult than just stating the above manifesto. I realize that being a more, I’m going to say vocal, individual is going to take some work. I may even be caught saying covert Acts of Contrition in my car.

Being a bad girl will also take an adjustment on the part of those around me. Consider this fair warning folks, I’m annoyed, angry and impatient and I’m not going to be polite about it anymore.

Goodbye Good Girl!


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