The call of the wild

I’ve got rabbit bits in my barn boots. Not exactly something I’m particularly excited about and maybe something you’d rather not read, but there you have it. Rabbit has become a favorite snack of Isabelle, our calico cat. This is at least the third she’s munched on in the last week. It’s sad and gross, but at least this one hasn’t been carried up into my bedroom – that was Friday’s wake-up call. Not how I personally like to greet the day, but clearly how Isabelle like’s to.

Zoe, the kitten, is currently sitting in the tree trying to “be bark” and blend in, hoping to catch a bird before finding a spot in some barn to take a nap. She’s not quite as ambitious as her older sister, but I suppose in time we’ll find remnants of her snacks here and there as well.

This is what spring and sunny days bring here on the farm – happy kitties and grossed out humans. What I find particularly funny is that instead of creeped out, the ladies in the house are curious and fascinated (how can she eat a bunny half her size?) while it’s the men who are squeamish and light headed – my father especially, who became all down hearted over the fate of Friday’s bunny and a bit peeved when he saw Zoe jump up and catch a bird mid-air.

Men can be such babies about things sometimes.



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2 responses to “The call of the wild

  1. Kate

    Oh Jennifer, you are too much. But you’re right, men can be such babies sometimes!:) Congrats on your new job, girl friend. It must have been the interview outfit! Later.

  2. Thanks! I’ll be in town next weekend so we can catch up. BTW, I had to chase Zoe around the yard last night…she had a bird flapping away in her mouth; it’d get out and fly away and she’d race to catch it. I think she got more bored than tired and just let me scoop her up at the end (no bird in mouth thank goodness!).

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