Berry patch preparation

We’ve officially begun a new endeavor – berries. This morning we trundled up to a field with seventy plants and put them into the ground. One day we will have boyson berries, raspberries and black berries to fill our bellies, pies and jelly jars. Did we do it properly? Probably not. Will they grow? It’s anyone’s guess to be honest, but we’ve planted them and, fingers crossed, come next year we will be able to pick a couple pints here and there and enjoy the rewards of what we’ve sown.

Anyway, the sun was out and the birds were chirping and flying past and the ground was surprisingly dry for all the rain that we’ve been having. Life’s pretty good on a day like this with lots of green all around. Below are some pictures to commemorate the moment and the inaugural planting of what will be a very tasty enterprise indeed.

Pre-planting confab

Mid-planting consultation



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2 responses to “Berry patch preparation

  1. Kathleen

    Did you get any berries?

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