We may experience a little turbulence

The weather has been very…Spring like.  What does “Spring like” mean? If I had to sum it up in one word it would be turbulent. Turbulent, kind of like my mood of late and actually kind of like everyone’s mood lately. Isn’t it funny how a change in the weather can affect a person so deeply?

The other night I woke up from a dream where I was on an old ship during a sea storm. I was being tossed back and forth while an argument was happening in front of me. Rain and wind lashed at the big glass windows of the room I was in, you know, those beautiful captain’s quarters of a man of war or pirate ship or something of the like. But when I opened my eyes, the storm didn’t disappear instead it was lashing against the bedroom window above my head with a fury and vengeance like I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. It was romantic and frightening and powerful – it was Spring voicing her opinion. In the morning, the sky was a beautiful blue with white, puffy, peaceful clouds tranquilly floating past.

Spring is all about extremes.

In college I remember reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a book that I love. If you haven’t ever read the real story (as compared to seeing a movie adaptation) you should; it is powerful, beautiful and absolutely amazing. The major theme running throughout the work is that you cannot have creation without there first being destruction. I think about that often, and I’ve been thinking about it now that Spring is here and suddenly so many things I’ve gotten used to have turned up on their heads and my norms have been destroyed.

As I walked along the soggy fields yesterday afternoon, taking advantage of the window of beauty Spring decided to throw our way, and taking in the way the hayfields are beginning to change from a dull, dead brown to a vibrant, hopeful, green, I saw something truly beautiful peaking out at me from a hedgerow. Among the brown leaves and still-barren branches was a crocus, just one. Among all that decay, there was a beginning.

Powerful, purple, persistent – this flower proclaimed that life and love and sunshine will soon be here and the turbulence of the moment is sure to pass. Trust me, just as turbulent, temperamental Spring turns into confident, calming Summer so too will our moods, we just have to wait out the storms in between.


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