Meet Fred…

Do you ever have one of those weeks when everything seems to take three times as long to get done?

A quick call with a question ends up being a wrong number – followed by an answering machine – followed by no call back? And so you wait and wait and wait on the project you are doing all because of the call? Or you get into your car and realize you don’t have the keys and then spend ten minutes searching in the car, in your bag and in every room of the house for the keys only to find them stuck under the passenger seat at an impossible to reach angle?

This is where I am at and I’m wondering “Why can’t things be easy?”

Maybe I’m just cranky. Maybe my cranky is sending out cranky, fidgety, convoluted and complicated karma out into the world which is coming right back at me in the form of a great big, holy crap, what is that zit on my chin. I’ve named it Fred. If karma won’t be my friend, maybe Fred will because it looks like he’ll be with me for a while.

My question is: How do I get back on karma’s good side? When does the sunshine come and Fred go? When do I get to feel even keeled and calm again? Okay, maybe more than one question but I still want answers…Are you listening karma?



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2 responses to “Meet Fred…

  1. mamawags

    random acts of kindness and use a dab of toothpaste on Fred at night !!!

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