First steps

I’ve been busy the past few weeks getting the Common Ground project up and running. Last week was especially productive. Monday afternoon I met up with Brian Ziehm of Tiashoke Farms, a 700+ cow dairy in Easton, New York. Thursday I stopped to see Ali and Lisa Moussalli at Frog Bottom Farm where they grow market vegetables for their CSA and Richmond area farmers markets on a sustainable farm in  Pamplin City, Virginia. While the two farms operate in very different ways, I’ve already begun to see common themes like money, labor management and a sense of fulfillment that comes from doing an often thankless job.

Today is the day that I sit down and begin to write…or at least try to. I keep coming up against a question, “how do you summarize a person and their life’s work in 1,000 words or less?” I mean, how do I even attempt it? And should I? Ah, moments of doubt that instigate hours (or days) of procrastination. The truth is, I have to. More interviews are planned for the end of the month down in Connecticut and my sights are set on trips to exotic places like Montana, Kentucky and Maine.

Hey, every journey begins with one step or, in my case, a word…now I just have to get that one word out!


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