Little boy giggles

I’m babysitting. Babysitting. The last time I babysat, well, I can’t actually remember the last time I babysat but whenever it was I can remember it going a heck of a lot worse than tonight.

There is nothing better than little kid giggles. Laughter that is unencumbered and free. Laughter that comes from some pure sweet spring inside and just bubbles up to the surface for no other reason than it sounds really really funny to say “ten minutes teeth time” over and over. Or the way an eighteen month old lights up when he realizes he’s just done something that makes you laugh, like say “butt!” after saying the usual eye, hair, ear, lips…butt!!!

So this was my evening. Baby wanted to go to sleep at 7:10 instead of 7:30…cool. Brothers wanted to stay up ten more minutes so that I could read them both books…cool. And not one tear, tantrum or terror in the house. I hate saying this (because next time it could be a completely different story) but I could get used to this.


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