We all eat…

I’m getting ready to head to Syracuse tomorrow for a Promotion and Education committee meeting. I used to sit on two state committees for New York Farm Bureau (along with lots of other odds and ends for the organization), but have scaled things down for a while. The things I have learned and the work that I’ve done with NYFB has colored my view of agriculture and the importance of getting our vital role out to the general public.

Let’s face it, we all eat. And yet, how often do we actually think about the person, family, place…hands that cared and tended for our meal before it was, well, our meal? When it was their crop, their livelihood. It doesn’t happen. Eating is both a necessity and an inconvenience for so many of us who are too busy with our work, our lives and our problems. We rush through the grocery store in a hurried haze of get in – get out – get home.

So, as I’m getting myself ready for this meeting and preparing for another, bigger, conference in February (many more details will come on that), it was apt that I came across the following podcast from Mike Rowe discussing his experience at FFA’s annual conference this winter. It takes about ten minutes, but it’s worth sitting and listening to.

Mike Rowe on Farming


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