What makes a good meal?

The question popped into my head this morning. Should I be writing? Should I be pondering the basic components of a memorable culinary experience or should I instead be writing a grant application, meeting agenda, packing boxes, doing laundry, cleaning the house and pretty much everything else on my list of things that MUST get done today? I think the answer is pretty clear and thus I am sitting at my computer tapping away, considering it more of a warm-up exercise for the real work of the day.

So I ask again, what makes a good meal? Is it the food, the company, the setting? Can it be any one of the previous or does it have to be a combination of two or more ingredients if you will. Can you think of the best meal you’ve ever had and what made it so? I remember the Thanksgiving feast I threw whilst living in London. Forty of my newest friends over a slow cooked bird that made conversation stop, belt buckles un-fasten and the noise of joyful chewing ensue. The evening meal consisting of stale bread, grocery-store salad bar delicacies and laughter with a good friend on a quite beach in Vancouver as the sun began to set, sitting side by side on a log with our toes in the sand, a rose behind my ear and the crappy food laid out on our laps. And I fondly recall the take-out Singapore noodles I had alone in my new apartment the first night I moved to Greenwich just over two years ago, thinking to myself “ah, a new beginning.”

Right now food doesn’t taste all that amazing to me. I think it’s because of where I am in my life, the confusion that surrounds my next steps and not being entirely sure what path I am on. I leave my little town Thursday morning, no longer my home to end up where, I’m not so sure. I know that besides missing the friends that I love so much, I am going to miss the food culture here, the pride and care people put into raising their vegetables, pigs, cows…preparing their cheese, ice cream, milk, bread…

I am waiting for my next great meal, for the moment when the ingredients: the food, the company and the setting combine to make something magical and, most importantly, memorable. A cornerstone in the culinary collective that is my soul.


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