And for something not farm related…

This weekend I’m off to Rally: The National Land Trust Conference sponsored by the Land Trust Alliance. I’ll be in Hartford for nearly a week working and going to workshops, my life will be land protection 24/7. I’m excited, but I’m also very worried about the state of my car.

This concern brought me to the decision to rent a car from Enterprise. Yesterday morning (9:00 am) I checked the price of an intermmediate sized car (as there will be three of us with luggage and other items). I was extatic to think the price for the week would only be $246, but not ready to commit. At 12:15 the price had jumped up to $275 and in the matter of the next thirty minutes it jumped up to $305 and then back to $275.

Frustrated and annoyed, I got on the phone with Enterprise’s customer service. Here is an unknown reality of renting a car, they may say rates are subject to change but they don’t say that those changes can happen in the matter of mere minutes. The price of a rental goes up as more cars are rented from the particular lot. Thus the price at 9 am was lower than the price at 12 pm because cars had been rented.

I was furious and they just plainly kept telling me too damn bad and that it is best to book a car when you see a good price as  you can always cancel it later. And so went my afternoon. I booked the car from Bennington for $275, but kept thinking about the situation. I then looked at the Amsterdam Enterprise and found the same car cost only $225.

A life lesson learned. An annoying afternoon. And I guess the best possible outcome because I got the car cheaper than I’d initially expected…but I still think their system is illogical and un-ethical, thank goodness I only rent a car every three years or so.


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