So, I’m back

I looked around the other day and wondered where summer had gone and what I had to show for it. The answer? Not much. To be honest, I’ve been the role model for avoidance all summer long and like a giddy sixth grader, my summer vacation has come to an end…reality has struck…and all those “homework” tasks that I kept pushing off until just before deadline have come ‘a callin’.

I have grants to write, people to call, a full-fledged marketing campaign to whip up. I have a house to close on (god PLEASE let it close!) and move into (see previous prayer and repeat with even more desperation). I have had self-realizations, life changes and good-byes to certain romantic notions.

I have read many books so that I can one day write my own. I have become more devoted to living a simple life though gone are the $20 a week grocery runs, but I think they will be making a comeback soon enough. I have been writing down my new recipes and compiling them so that they make some sense. I have said goodbye to side jobs and side committees and decided to refocus and refresh my life a little.

Sometimes, whether we want it or not, whether it’s planned or not, we end up backing away and isolating ourselfs in a cacoon so that soon enough we can emerge a little brighter, a little lighter and a whole lot happier.


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  1. I hope you do get your wonderful house. It was a frequent stopping place for me and my next younger brother when we were kids…wonderful folks lived there. I like to think of you living there!

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