Progress Report: A memo

Greetings Ron,

After an absence of nearly a month, I have finally been able to check on the status of Subject A, better known as Cherry Tree. I am sorry to report that our careful site survey and excavation (i.e., your digging and my pointing), our scientifically crafted nutrient enhancement and fertilization (better known as the manure you got from behind the barn), and the energy efficient irrigation system (the 16 gallons of water we dumped into the hole) has in fact yielded little result.

Take heart that I have no doubt in our techniques and skill level as dedicated agronomists. The blame is clearly on the local community (i.e. my very busy family) who failed to buy-into the vision of outside development forces (me). The result has been that Subject A is now malnourished and fading fast as its last good meal was the 16-gallon feast we bestowed on it all those weeks ago.

On a side note, there is life at the dig site. Subject B – an undigested kernel of cow corn from the manure has taken root and is flurishing.

Archival photo attached.

Archive photo: Subject A in background, Subject B in foreground. Taken 7-3-2010


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