A long time and little excuse

Summer has a crazy way of throwing you off course. It’s like an aftershock from childhood that hits every June (the same could be said about September and fresh starts). The warm weather has set my brain to mush and my ambition to zero point zero and thus little has been written by yours truly. Maybe one day, when the weather begins to cool and back to school sales are filling the airwaves, I’ll write a “What I did on my summer vacation” report. The thing is, it would say one word: work.

I’ve been working two jobs since April with some side jobs here and there and, as you can see, my creative output has been greatly diminished. I’m getting tired. I’m getting cranky. I’m counting the days till I take the three hour drive back to Shelton and see family and friends and eat a Duchess Big D burger… and experience my hometown after a two year absence. Only three more busy weeks.

And, as I count down the days, I promise to be more steadfast and constant to you.


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