The farmer’s dating calendar

I alluded to this the other day, but thought that some may be interested in how a farmer dates…

Winter: December is a no (Christmas), January is possible, February is a no (Valentines Day), early March is OK, but late may be a problem

Spring is a big NO: April is planting, May is haylage (and turkey hunting season) and June is the beginning of hay season which means they can date, but only if it’s raining.

Summer: July is more hay, so weather permitting, August is actually possible.

Autumn: September is the end of hay, but let’s hope you like fair food and cow barns because that’s probably be where he’ll take you on a date, October is chopping, November is deer hunting season

In other words ladies, if you are dreaming about finding yourself a farmer to cuddle close to at night…good luck!



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3 responses to “The farmer’s dating calendar

  1. Jaime Toth

    Love it!

  2. You nailed it! A tailgate picnic in the hay field is about as good as it gets with a farmer.

  3. Sarah Lowe

    And Heaven help you if the farm has more than one focus… In addition to the dairy farm, I’ve got goats, so totally forget February/March/April (kidding!), and we also grow potatoes, which takes up any nice weather day in September, too.

    I’m frankly amazed I found time to have a wedding – May 17th, snuck it in *right* after the last of planting & kidding and just before haylage!

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