How green is the valley?

Summer is here and it feels soooo good. The heat, the sun, the pure alive-ness of everything. I’ve been thinking about all of it for the past week or two. Living in the Upper Hudson Valley, the above question has popped into my head more than a few times. As I drive to the farm for work, as I take the walk to the north barn…I stop in awe at the view spreading out before me. Green hills dip down and rise up over and over again like a sea of fertile, abundant possibilities.

People have been busy planting for weeks now. From a spot on Lewis Hill today I could hear more than one tractor humming away at the many farms surrounding them. There are a few fields here and there that still need seed, but those are the exception, not the rule. The fields are humming with activity though, many are out cutting haylage. You have to catch the hay at just the right time for it to be optimal feed. The warm days in early April and wet days last week, have meant many are playing catch-up to Mother Nature.

The farmers are busy and stressed, their wives are patient. I would assume most have received the “spring talk” where their husband (for the twelfth, thirtieth, sixtieth year in a row) explains that they will be busy day and night for the next month and a half therefore no dinner guests, no movie nights, no nothing until sometime in June. The wives nod and go about their day, they’re well aware of the pace of life; they have after all, dated and wed a farmer.


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