The happy list

I know that I’ve been neglectful the past week or so. Life gets busy and sitting down to write gets pushed to the side more and more easily if I let it. I’ve been busy, yes, but also very very happy; so happy in fact that I have been inspired to share my happy list. I think it’s something everyone should take a few minutes to create, thinking up the items makes you happy without even experiencing any of them, the memory of joy spills forward to the present.
Things that make me blissfully happy…(in no particular order)
  1. Creme brulee
  2. Changing into dry clothes after being stuck in the rain
  3. Fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  4. Warm socks on cold feet
  5. Canolis
  6. The all too rare look in a man’s eyes that says for one moment I am everything that makes him happy
  7. Spooning
  8. Kisses
  9. Hearing a child laugh with utter delight (usually after having chased them until you can’t breath anymore)
  10. Holding a baby
  11. Mac n’ Cheese from a box (orange powder)
  12. Egg rolls
  13. Pajama bottoms
  14. Ice cream cake (should be number 1)
  15. Perching on countertops
  16. Kisses on my neck
  17. When someone remembers my birthday
  18. Spice cake with brown butter frosting
  19. Chocolate milkshakes
  20. Laying on a hammock on a sunny summer afternoon
  21. Getting flowers from someone
  22. Sincere compliments
  23. Having my hair stroked as I fall asleep
  24. Laughing – a big belly laugh of unencumbered joy
  25. A great outfit (comfy jeans and high heeled boots)
  26. Long conversations with one person at a time
  27. The movie Tommy Boy
  28. Thin crust pizza, slices so big you have to fold them in half
  29. A great book
  30. Long-hot baths
  31. A hot cup of coffee
  32. A comfortable bed (with awsome sheets and mush-able pillows…lots of them…a pillow fortress)
  33. Toast
  34. That song by James (when she’s on top)
  35. Chocolate fudge cake with a big icey glass of milk
  36. Naps
  37. Singing at the top of my lungs to the radio
  38. Popeye the Movie (the one with Robin Williams…I hate the cartoon by the way)
  39. The pick up line: “I may not be Fred Flinstone, but I could make your bed rock” (makes me giggle every time)
So, that’s it. I guess a sizeable list, but it could be longer. It was a great exercise, makes me smile just reading the list…

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