Things that I know

I’ve been thinking long and hard the past two weeks on where I belong. The answers aren’t straightforward, easy, clear or confidence inspiring. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the lack of clarity, I decided to make a list of the places I know I don’t belong…

  1. Sturgis or any sort of biker rally
  2. An accountants office or science lab (I don’t exactly have a head for those sorts of things)
  3. A high pressure, high powered job
  4. Any place that has a homeowners assosiation (i.e., suburbia)
  5. In the front of a classroom with 30 pairs of 4th grader eyes staring back at me (though I would consider teaching college)
  6. Anywhere that would involve me having my arm up a cow’s (or any other animals) tuchis

I suppose that narrows things down a little, right?


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