A treasure hunt

Every spring there is one event that I look forward to the most, without question…fiddle head picking. Hunting for fiddle heads is like going on a treasure hunt. Fiddle heads grow along creek banks and flood plains. It always takes a long time to find the first cluster of green nobs poking out through the leafy debris, but once you do the whole forest floor opens up. I find the whole thing exciting and addictive. No matter how many I find, I just can’t stop. It’s like if they are there they have to be picked.
Last week I went into the woods with a friend from CT and his daughter. Chloe, who is five, didn’t find the experience as fun or exhillerating as her father and I did. She did, however, eat them at dinner which was a nice surprise. To cook fiddle heads you need to blanch them first. I love them sauteed with bacon and onions…soo yummy.
Here are some photos from the hunt.

Fiddle heads popping up in their tasty, twisty goodness

Fiddle heads aren't edible when they are unfurled like these

Heaps of handfuls and you just can't stop

The booty, before being cleaned, blanched and cooked


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