The view

Every once in a while I stop, amazed by the world in front of me. There are views seared into my memory. The reddish-blue sky over Waterloo Bridge as I walked home with my roommate talking about love and longing after seeing a play at the Old Vic. The pure blue sky as I sailed past Fairfield’s lighthouse one May afternoon with my best friend. The sunset I enjoyed sitting on a balcony in Vancouver laughing with a boy I’d known for years but just discovered.

I have less exotic views that I hold dear. The way the Mohawk Valley dips down to the river then rises once again as the Adirondacks grow in the far distance. This view makes my heart jump every time I make the ten minute trip from the farm to the Town of Glen.

The quiet views that have accompanied my life in upstate New York fill me with joy every time I experience them. And the beauty (both literally and figuratively) of such vistas, landscapes…moments…is that up here they happen everyday.


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