Farm Field Photos

The snow is a distant memory and today while out for a walk I decided to introduce something new. Our front field is one of my favorite spots on the farm. The barn is a constant, you milk, you feed, you sweep, you milk…though fate sends an incedent or two (some may call them wrenches) into the routine, it’s still the barn. Our front field however changes from month to month. We are on the brink of plowing and planting so things will change pretty briskly from this point on. But beside farmers, how often does a normal person get to appreciate the change? The growth? The rich smell of tilled soil or the thousands of fireflies that flit from one blade of grass or corn stalk to another?

So here is April in the front field. The dark strips are freshly spread manure…aren’t you happy you asked?

Front field April 2010


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