If you’re looking for a good time

This was one of the weekend events I look forward to every single year, New York Farm Bureau’s YFR Leadership Conference. I know, guaranteed, that I will laugh constantly, learn much, and feel buoyed by the choices I have made and the path I am leading…No matter how far it is from the path that I intended to travel.

Where to begin? I left Thursday afternoon spouting the mantra I have been holding close to my heart for a few months now: boys are a drug and I’m going cold turkey. I don’t mean all boys, just the stupid ones that seem to seep into your heart and contaminate it, creating some sort of craving for their destructive distance and tragically untapped potential. We can all relate. Though the premise isn’t all together funny, the mantra gets laughs every time.

Thursday night I had my beloved burger (just as good as I remembered) and caught up with Johnna Miller (from American Farm Bureau) who was speaking at the conference on media skills and interactions; something we should all know how to do and be proactive in relationship building. Johnna is phenomenal and I so enjoyed getting to know her better.

Friday was jam packed with meetings in the morning and break-out sessions in the afternoon. The highlights? Our keynote speaker, Barrett Keene, who blew everyone away. Barrett is someone you should all check out and if you ever have the need for a speaker book him and book him NOW. His message of leadership through integrity is honest, informed, and just downright funny. And I don’t mean the hollow sort of chuckle you give to most speakers…I mean the high pitched whinny laughter you get because you are in the most joyful of hysterics.

In truth, though I enjoyed the educational aspects of the conference, it is the chance to laugh that was the most important thing to me. I got to be funny, flirty, and yes, a little dirty. I laughed as I worked, as I danced (especially when I danced), and as I learned. I love to laugh. I love to make other people laugh so hard hard that they can’t see. It brings me the greatest joy in the world. Why don’t I do it every day?

Why is it that most of us don’t get to experience daily those one or two unburdened moments that happen when we laugh? When God graces us with love, pure love, and we laugh with truth and honesty?

A boy makes you question yourself and feel unsettled and unwanted. A man can make you laugh in a way that opens your heart and makes you feel sexy even though tears are smearing your mascara and, let’s face it, a little spit is caught on your lip.

Boys are a drug and I’m going cold turkey. Men make me laugh and laughter is love; that’s better than any drug.


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