A snowy situation

We’ve all realized just how happy I am that the weather has turned and spring is unquestionably here. This morning I witnessed the first buds, crocus, fighting their way through the muddy ground. In two or three days I’ll be able to see purple and white flowers with bright yellow stamen. I’ll pick them and stick them all over my apartment in teeny-tiny bud vases and just bask in their springiness.

Cut to the dairy farm. My parents were in some freak micro-climate two weeks ago. Where I live we had a day of snow totaling about 18 inches, it was gross and disgusting but the next day we had rain and now all the snow is gone. At the farm however they enjoyed three days of constant snow. By the time it was over they had about 3 1/2 feet. When I say freak micro-climate I mean it. You drive to the farm and everything is brown and muddy, you take the turn to their road and BAM! snow.

Today was lovely, it must have hit at least 50 degrees or so. When I drove up the road after an hour plus drive from work I was greeted by the remaining 12 inches of snow still hanging in there. Everywhere you can hear the constant trickle that means the melting process in working it’s magic. It better work fast. If I had to live here and look out the window to see 12 inches of snow knowing that in other parts of the world (down the street) people can see mud and buds that promise the bright kisses of spring…I think I’d look into moving (down the street).


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