Tea and toast

The past few days I’ve been thinking about how I could reduce my already small food budget down even further. Yesterday I had my first Ramen noodle in probably 5 years (possibly more). But that’s not really the direction I want to go. Sure, at $0.19 a pack it’s a deal but the ridiculously high sodium makes them an absolute no-no in my mind.

I was watching something a few days ago that made me start to think once again about the simple meals of years past. Why don’t we eat like that any more? I mean sure, I love a burger…I love a burger…but why do we need to eat something big and delicious every night?

I’m not saying that I think eating tea and toast every evening is the way to go but what about one night a week? Again I come to the idea that eating one truly simple and yes, cheap, meal a week changes a person’s perspective of all we have.

Tonight my dinner didn’t go according to plan so I had toast with peanut butter and nutella. It was so good and so perfect, with a cup of tea the whole thing was complete.


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  1. I toss away the flavoring from the Ramens and just sprinkle on a little grated Parmesan. They are not too bad that way and so much less salt.

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