A syrupy situation

I write this from the sweet smell of the farm’s kitchen. My father, a man of stoic silence is sitting on a milk crate out in the driveway meditating on who-knows-what as he stares into the mist that rolls off his homemade syrup boiler. As promised, today is a day of maple syrup making; as was yesterday, as will be tomorrow and Monday and every day from now until the sap runs out.

He tapped the trees last week along with nearly every other maple syrup maker in the Northeast in preparation for the annual running of the trees (at least that’s what I’m calling it). I think syrup season is the true indicator that spring is right around the corner. Sure, there’s still snow on the ground (at least where my parent’s are) but the sun is shining bright and Mother Nature is making everyday a bit warmer and a bit lighter than the last.

Last night we enjoyed the spoils of the sap and had pancakes with homemade syrup. It was sweet, which is to be expected (sort of like a duh moment), but there was a smokiness infused from the outdoor contraption my father has built. I think this is a new family tradition.

Anyways, you may be asking yourself just how much does it take to create a gallon of syrup? Well, the first batch my father did started with 12 gallons of pure sap from which, after hours of boiling, came  a quart and a half, not a gallon. Today will be a similar sized batch.

Enjoy the pictures!

Tapped trees

Pure sap collected from the maple trees

The syrup cooker

You have to stir it.

The sap gets poured into the silver bucket where it drains drop by drop from a faucet into the pan and boils.



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2 responses to “A syrupy situation

  1. That is so cool! My dad and I used to tap trees and boil sap and you are so right about the wonderful smokey flavor. I used to run our lines on snow shoes and that is an ordeal I am so glad not to repeat!

  2. We are really enjoying the spoils of the sap. Tomorrow I’m making pancake bread, it’s soooo yummy!

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