Wonder Bread Outerwear

I’m not a big fan of winter, never have been. When I was a kid the best thing about snow wasn’t going out and playing it was the grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell’s tomato soup my grandmother would make for lunch. Maybe I didn’t like the snow because the same grandmother would make sure the final touch to our snow exploration gear was a used plastic Wonder Bread bag over each boot affixed with about five rubber bands at varying intervals. I never really understood what protective properties the bread bags provided, I already had boots on.

The funny thing is I mentioned this the other day at work to the new guy who is about my age and he laughed, not because it was ridiculous but because his grandmother would do the same thing. The reason was a mystery to him as well.

So here are a few quesitons: Was the Wonder Bread outerwear stipulation listed in the 1985 grandmother handbook somewhere? Was there a directive sent down from the head grandmother due to the dirty floor debacle of 1984? And can someone tell me why our grandmothers put the bags around our boots in the first place?


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