Cold toes

I’m not the sort to complain about it being cold in the house. In fact, I’ve been known to crack the bedroom window on a cold winter’s night. To me, there is something clean and crisp about cold air; I love the way it feels in my lungs. I have no problem sitting under a few blankets or wrapping a scarf around my neck. You can always put more layers on when you’re cold, you can never take enough off when you are hot, so said my grandmother during a hot flash.

With that said, when my toes are cold I’m miserable. Recently I’ve discovered the perfect remedy and it’s going to sound ridiculous to nearly everyone. I still keep my heat down at a crisp 54, but when my toes get cold I crank up my Rinnai heater and sit down in front of it with my toes pressed up against the grate. I do it about three or four times a night, crouched up between my ottoman and the heater. In fact, I’m doing it right now.

Toasty toes make me happy, really truly happy. It’s simple, but it’s true…and in about two minutes I’ll turn the heat back down and climb onto the couch under one or two blankets and fall asleep watching TV.


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