To town, to town

Yesterday was an adventure, or at least partly so. I awoke at 3 am, hopped out of bed, made a cup of coffee and got ready for a big day: I was going to DC to lobby. In at 6:15 am, out by 9pm or so; I knew that I would be exhausted by the time I walked back through my door at midnight. There was one possible hitch to the plan: Mother Nature. Who, as it happens, didn’t think yesterday was a good day to travel.

With snow falling and the inches of white stuff on the roads only to rise, I called the airline asking if the flight was still on. YES, they said confidently. I hopped into the car, praying every five minutes or so that I made it to the airport in one piece; which I did. The Albany Airport is surprisingly busy at 5:15 am even on a snowy day and let me tell you from first hand experience that the Southwest ticket line can be a crowded place when flights get canceled.

That’s right, my flight was canceled about two minutes after I walked through the door. A friend got in line for something and we waited. When he came back here was the report: there were no flights because no planes could get into the airport the night before. Here is my corresponding question: If they knew there were no planes and therefore no flights WHY? did they say that my flight, the first flight of the day was still on? Why did they let people risk their lives to get to the airport when they knew that they wouldn’t be able to get out?

So at 6 am I climbed back into my car and took a sip of my still lukewarm coffee and headed back home where I proceeded to get into my pj’s and be a zoned out sloth. Just like a snow day as a kid.

To town, to town I did not head it was more like to bed, to bed.



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2 responses to “To town, to town

  1. We were thinking of you folks yesterday…what a shame that you had to drive in all that nastiness and then couldn’t go!

  2. Well, it was an exercise in winter driving and patience. We were all in relatively good spirits when we said goodbye at 6:05 in the morning. Next time we’ll have better luck.

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