Greeting the day the porcine way

Everyday when I go to work I park my car up by the pig barn. The pigs at the farm are pastured, meaning that they run and roll and root around for food. They also get feed – corn and soy beans – especially at this time of year when the pasture is primarily covered in snow.

The other morning I arrived at work around 7:45, earlier than usual and earlier than needed. I sat in my car looking out onto the barnyard and sipped my coffee thinking about the day ahead. Wrapped up in my thoughts, it took a minute or two before I realized something – no piggies.

And just like that, as thought I had made a psychic connection, the smallest of my porky friends rocketed out of the barn for their morning nibble. When they rocketed back in, the next group (with a little less energy I must say) greeted the day with grunts and snorts. I watched as one by one everyone woke up and headed outside. Some, like the piglets, were full of vigor and joy while others stretched and yawned, slowly accepting that the day had in fact begun much like myself.


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  1. Pigs remind me of large puppy dogs. They are smart and fun and interesting.


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