A powerful woman

Sunday was the Dorset Farmer’s Market. Going to the market means three things:

  1. I have to get up way too early. Which means…
  2. I can’t multitask at 6:45 and therefore find it impossible to put on make-up AND brew a cup of coffee. After packing up the farm’s delivery van…
  3. I speed down country roads sipping a medium Dunkin’ Doughnuts coconut coffee in a big ass maroon machine.

By the end of the day I’m an exhausted but powerful woman. That van is terribly intimidating, I silently freak out every time I have to drive it and happily rejoice when I’m done.



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3 responses to “A powerful woman

  1. Love your blog! What farm are you working for now? I know you said something about it at the meeting Thursday but I didn’t catch it. Enjoy the farmers market.

  2. Oh shoot missed the Sunday part of that, so change the statement to hope the market went well.

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