Moments of longing

This morning I tucked in to watch a Project Runway marathon before getting ready for work. A decade ago, I worked in NYC in a broken down brownstone building with mice and other things crawling around. At the time I was an account executive for an advertising agency and we were forced to move a few blocks over because our cruddy little building was being torn down. Atlas was built in it’s place, the apartment building the Runway contestants call home during the course of the show.

NYC isn’t what I found myself longing for, nor was it the stunning (both beautiful and terrifying) clothes, but the make-up. Seeing those models sit in the artists’ chairs getting their hair and make-up done sent a pang of longing through me.

Working on a farm doesn’t really lend itself to doing your hair or make-up. I’m usually in a ponytail with a quick swipe of matte powder from my compact. But to have full foundation, eye liner, mascara, smokey eyes, expertly done lips…aaahhhh…heaven. Don’t get me wrong, there is something freeing and sadly lazy about not worrying about silly things like lip gloss 98% of the time, but today, right now, looking like a feminine woman with pouty lips seems like another world and another life.

So I made an effort. Yes, some could say that I’m a little done up for working in a barn, but goodness I feel like a normal girl today. My hair is down, foundation and mascara…I may even throw on a little lipstick on before I head out the door.


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