Hightailing It

My lovely lady.

People love chickens, why is that? My father and mother both have gone through chicken phases which includes actually having them. I’ve never really been much of a fan. Sure, I like to go into the hen house and ask “What’s up girls?” and have them caw and cackle away, but that’s about it. 

My friend Leah McCloskey is truly the chicken lady though. She’s made a career of painting the most delightful and engaging portraits of the feathered ladies and gents on reclaimed agricultural newspapers from a different time. You can’t help but look at their plump bodies and chipper faces and smile. 

Even I couldn’t resist their charms. This summer I purchased my first official work of art, Leah’s Hightailing It. It’s a Rhode Island Red running away and what you see isn’t her face, instead you catch a glimpse of her awkward gait and huffy backside. As soon as I saw it in the gallery I fell in love. 

Leah’s works are so popular and so hard to passby, that she’s even been commissioned to do official portraits of people’s beloved birds. I’d love to get her to do one of our girls for a Christmas gift the problem is I think all of the ladies of the house (hen house that is) look exactly the same. 

Check out Leah McCloskey’s work at www.leahmccloskey.com.  


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