The beauty of a rainy day

I both love and loath the morning. I hate having to wake up – sleep is one of my favorite things. However, I love that period when everything’s quiet and you’re warm and snuggley under the covers – that’s pure bliss…and coffee – coffee is bliss too.

Yesterday morning I lay there thinking through the day to come as the fierce sound of wind whipping through the trees caused a shiver of dread to go down my spine. Undoubtedly, gale-like wind means sub-zero temps, cold fingers and frozen toes. As I stepped outside bundled up for the worst the wind pushed into me and I hesitated, not because of the sheer frigid force took the breath out of me…no, it was just the opposite.

Warmth! Warm air, strong breezes and rain. Yeah, I can go on and on about sunshine, but to be honest, after two months of icy days there is true beauty in 53 and raining. Puddles and green grass after seeing the landscape painted in varying shades of white for so long, well, you barely remember what mud looks like. It just makes a person smile.

As I walked up to the North Barn, I breathed in the balmy breeze and closed my eyes. The smell of mud and pine filled my lungs and rain hit my face like hundreds of soft, warm kisses. Memories of childhood springs – Marches and Aprils – lept to mind and three months didn’t seem so far away anymore.

In the middle of winter a warm rainy day is something to rejoice, savor and enjoy.


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